Thursday, November 17, 2011

Enjoying Being Home

As I expected - we are just enjoying being home. It seems like it's been forever since the family has really been together. Because of this I have called a "mini vacation". Since we can't leave the house, this really just entails no schedule, "just playing", "I'm too Buzy" (from the mouth of my Mr. Liam), and just plain enjoying our time together.
The kids are doing well and Aine iss healing more everyday. We still have to neb her, but that seems to be getting better day by day also as she is getting more up at one time, but less often (maybe she's figuring out the whole coughing thing).
We think that Aine may be getting her bottom teeth as her mouth started bleeding at the hospital and they found a cut on the inside of her lip but we couldn't figure out why. Well, it happened again yesterday and boy was she upset about it. I tried to feel for a tooth, but she was NOT having it - so I have to leave it to my imagination. Funny thing is, that we can only assume that she has had chest pain all her life but the whole mouth thing seems bother her more than her chest, stomach gas, IVs, everything. Silly girl!

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