Friday, November 11, 2011

Day #9 - The Floor

Aine had an echo done yesterday which didn't show everything that they wanted to see, so they did another one with sedation. Because of this, Aine needed a little help. They increased her high flow and added some oxygen to the mix.
Once she woke up they took her off of oxygen and lowered her high flow rate.
She slept well and only had a couple quick destats throughout the night.
We're waiting "patiently" for rounds so that they can find out more information about the echos and see what their plan for the day is.
The looming 2 days to 2 weeks discharge continues to loom in front of me. It's like the whole carrot in front of the face thing. She does good and then drops back to the place she was before. Been here & done this before, but it doesn't get easier.

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